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About us

We are a cabinet of curiosities
We are a consignment store
We are a galery of objects of art
We are the Nest or Wonders of Miami retail sanctuary
Where you will find the Treasure you have been looking for
Where you consign the items you wish you give a second life to


Who we are

Gabrielle Hatchuel Becker Abada's world assimilates art and intuition, instinct and emotion, giving her a natural artistic agility and flexibility. 

Her professional career has led her to be an art critic for various publications, as well as the Art Editor in Chief for Balthazar Magazine.

Gabrielle has distinguished curatorial reputation for contemporary European art exhibitions. She is also a special event organizer and philanthropist. 

She is recognised by international institutions fairs thanks ti her organizational skills in curating specific pavilions. Within these forums she has opened doors between different art worlds.

Her drive, knowledge and passion pushes all limits giving strength to her motto 'we must export our knowledges of traditional art and makes them known to our contemporaries."




where we are

You will find our Nest of Wonders in the beautiful retail sanctuary of Upper Buena Vista, located on North East 2nd Avenue, North of  Design Design District.

Built up around a majestic hundred years-old ancient tree, Upper Buena Vista is a collection of 21 micro-boutiques. The whole village has been inspired from different places such as Tulum, Thong Sala, and Bali, which give it a really eclectic and peaceful atmosphere.

Located at the end of the garden, our Nest is not only a treasure to find, but also a jewelry box for each to find their own wonders. 





Every beloved object is the center point

of a paradise.


sunrise10 copie.jpg

some of our wonders

A selection of some of our art pieces, curiosities and other wonders ...

To attract you to our Nest

Because our Nest is your Nest.


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GABRIELLE, nest of wonders

Upper Buena Vista

5030 NE 2nd Ave.

Suite 162
Miami, FL, 33137


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